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Kingston Voting Stations – May 26 and May 27

May 7, 2023

 Volunteers across Ontario are holding a citizen-led referendum. Please vote in person on Friday May 26 & Saturday May 27.  All voting stations open from 11 am – 5 pm on Friday and 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday unless otherwise indicated.   

  • Bearance’s Grocery, 115 Livingston Ave (Friday only, 10am to 5)
  • Jim Beattie Park, Henderson Blvd
  • Brian’s Record Option, 381 Princess St.
  • Lemoine Point, Coverdale entrance
  • Kingston Coffee House, Kingston Centre
  • Lions Civic Garden, by Isabel Turner Library, Cataraqui Center
  • KCCU, 18 Market St.
  • McBurney Park (Skeleton Pk), Alma St.
  • In front of MPP Ted Hsu’s Office, 835 Princess St.
  • Intersection, Montreal & Brock St.
  • Novel Idea, 156 Princess St.
  • Shannon Park, McCauley St.
  • Tara Natural Foods, 81 Princess St.
  • Screening Room, 120 Princess St.  (3- 7 pm Fri, 12:30 – 4 pm Sat)
  • Waterfront Trail, Young St. (Saturday only)
  • Metro Grocery Store – Taylor Kidd and Bayridge

Sydenham – Foodland, George Street – May 26 (11 to 7pm); May 27 (9am- 6pm)

Verona – Food less Travelled, 6674 Road 38 – May 26 (11-5); May 27 (10am -4pm)

Napanee – 9am to 5pm May 26, 27

  • Metro Grocery Store – 35 Alkenbrack Street
  • Dundas Street East at John Street, S W corner

To vote online and for more information go to:

To volunteer contact:


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  1. Alice moore permalink

    We need our hospitals .private places go anywhere and it’s hard to get to places and do not factor in mental health issues.

  2. This seems more like a petition that a referendum….

    With more options for specific care some will leave the line ups and others will get faster care….

    • Hi CP. It is similar to a petition but with more engagement opportunities and more demands that a voter think about options. It also makes the point that residents were not asked about this important change in our health care system: in the last election the Ford conservative team said they would not privatize. The irony of for-profit clinics is that they take staff from public hospitals, so they increase wait times in the hospitals and wait times overall. A recent report out of Alberta, the most recent to show this phenomena, found that under their Alberta Surgery Initiative wait times generally went up. it is especially harmful when there is excess capacity in the public system and the government could be more efficient by simply funding the use of that space.

  3. KathyT. permalink

    The location for the Metro Grocery Store on Taylor Kidd may be wrong – shouldn’t it say Bayridge, not Bayshore?

  4. Jim Edgar permalink

    I went to 835 Princess St at about 10:30 this morning and there was no voting available! What’s up with that?

    • Hi Jim, Sorry we missed you. That voting stations was active on Friday and started on Saturday when one of the volunteers unexpectedly had to leave. we are sorry for any inconvenience

      • Jim Edgar permalink

        I found a vote online platform on the Ontario Health coalition website this morning so my relatives, friends and myself were able to vote today. This should have been available on the Kingston site so many more people could get their vote in too.

  5. Hi Jim, the on line vote link is at the bottom of the page in large letters and has been through the whole campaign. I am glad you had a chance to vote. Thank you for taking the time.

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